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For All:

The Outline of Links Categories is the best way to find anything in the 4000+ links.
Feedback about classification is wanted.
Site Design Philosophy and Policy

For Hiking, etc.:

Most of the Hiking related stuff (resources, conditioning hikes maps, etc.) is here.
There's a page of OCSS related stuff, and some Peters Canyon pictures.

For Clan MacColin:

For Any:

The links pages are about 4000 (+-1000, as new sites are added and old dissapear) that I have found useful. They are organized so I can find them again, and can tell others about a site. They do allow avoiding the four pages of advertizing to find one site with a search engine.

Notable articles of future significance that don't reach 'The News' in energy, life sciences, and general science are now in REF15.HTM.

For Other:

Nothing now... 

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