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REF01 Computer related Business
REF02 Public Resources
REF03 Net on the Net
REF04 Resources by Subject
REF05 Geo Sciences, Maps, Weather
REF06 Sciences
REF07 Living History
REF08 MacColin Web Reference
REF09 Net Publishing
REF10 Commerce
REF11 Hike etc.
REF12 Travel
REF14 Politics
REF15 News Articles of note
Notes, remarks, errors, mail
  These are sites I have found useful. A "*" on a site denotes particular merit. Please advise me of errors, dead sites (some of these are limited hit or Very Slow sites), change of content, etc. of the 4000+ links.
Links pages are downloadable and maintained on http://www.tournaig.net/OTLN.HTM.
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