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  • REF15 Notable Articles News that's not on 'The News', that will matter tomorrow; most recent at bottom of each catagory. Most links are to the Press release since the paper may require a fee.
    1. Energy
      1. Batteries
        1. Toward all-solid lithium batteries - MIT News
        2. Toward all-solid lithium batteries - MIT News
        3. Long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep - Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
        4. New hydronium-ion battery presents opportunity for more ..-
        5. Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries - Cockrell School of Engineering
        6. YaleNews - A new, gel-like coating beefs up the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries
        7. 'Instantly rechargeable' battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles - Purdue University
        8. Electrolytes Made from Liquefied Gas Enable Batteries to Run at Ultra-low Temperatures
        9. World's Largest Battery Is Turned On In Australia As Tesla Ties Into Power Grid - The Two-Way - NPR
        10. New Lithium-Rich Battery Could Last Much Longer - News - Northwestern Engineering
      2. Bio
        1. Illinois - Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds - Illinois
      3. Solar <a name="Solar" ></a> *
        1. Stability Challenge in Perovskite Solar Cell Technology - Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University OIST
        2. Uncompromising on organic solar cells
        3. New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future - Caltech
        4. The world’s most efficient and environment-friendly solar cells - Apollon
        5. 'Magic' alloy could spur next generation of solar cells - University of Michigan News
        6. Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapour - RMIT University
        7. Scientists Design Solar Cell That Captures Nearly All Solar Spectrum Energy - GW Today - The George Washington University
        8. Non-toxic alternative for next-generation solar cells - University of Cambridge
        9. Record stability for perovskite solar cells, efficiency over 20%
        10. News - UT boosts efficiency of solar fuels - University of Twente - Enschede
        11. Perovskite solar cells- mesoporous interface mitigates the impact of defects
        12. New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells
        13. Organic solar cells reach record efficiency, benchmark for commercialization - University of Michigan News
      4. Storing Solar Power Increases Energy Consumption and Emissions, Study Finds - UT News - The University of Texas at Austin
      5. Iowa State University scientists design electricity generator that mimics trees - News Service - Iowa State University
      6. Oil production releases more methane than previously thought - 2017 - IIASA
      7. Four-Stroke Engine Cycle Produces Hydrogen from Methane and Captures CO2
      8. PNNL- There and Back Again- Catalyst Mediates Energy-Efficient Proton Transport for Reversibility
      9. IU chemists create molecular 'leaf' that collects and stores solar power without solar panels- IU Bloomington Newsroom- Indiana University Bloomington
      10. New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future - Caltech
      11. Low cost, scalable water-splitting fuels the future hydrogen economy | Penn State University
      12. Splitting carbon dioxide using low-cost catalyst materials
      13. Electrocatalyst nanostructures key to improved fuel cells, electrolyzers - Purdue University
      14. Claim made for hydrogen 'wonder material' - BBC News
      15. First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power - UW Today
      16. Ultrathin device harvests electricity from human motion - Research News @ Vanderbilt - Vanderbilt University
      17. New water-splitting method could open path to hydrogen economy - WSU News - Washington State University
      18. Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently
    2. Life
      1. Heritability of the human connectome- a connectotyping study - Network Neuroscience - MIT Press Journals
      2. Feinstein Institute researchers identify new genes associated with cognitive ability - Northwell Health
      3. New research shows how alcohol damages DNA and increases cancer risk - Cancer Research UK
      4. Medical <a name="Medical" ></a> *
        1. Skull, Brain And Clumps Of Hair Found Inside Ovarian Tumor Of 16-Year-Old - HEALTH - Tech Times
        2. St. Jude releases cyber updates for heart devices after U.S. probe - Reuters
        3. Intraneuronal protein aggregation as a trigger for inflammation and neurodegeneration in the aging brain
        4. Leukocyte opioid receptors mediate analgesia via Ca2+-regulated release of opioid peptides
        5. Diabetes Care
        6. First results from NASA's twins study after Scott Kelly's mission - CNN.com
        7. Inducing an identity crisis in liver cells may help diabetics - MDC Insights
        8. Autism predicted by infant brain changes, study says - CNN.com
        9. Legalizing same-sex marriage was associated with fewer youth suicide attempts, new study finds
        10. Highly Fluorinated Chemicals - Green Science Policy Institute
        11. Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas' - BBC News
        12. Rate of birth defects in Zika pregnancies 20 times higher than in pre-Zika years, CDC says - The Washington Post
        13. Over-reliance on satnavs slowing down our brains
        14. Asthma- Researchers of the University of Liège discover how exposure to microbes protects against asthma and propose a cell therapy approach that can lead to novel treatments for the disease
        15. 'Game Changer'- Study Finds 100-year-old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms in Kids
        16. New Study Finds That Most Cancer Mutations are Due to Random DNA Copying ‘Mistakes’ - 03-23-2017
        17. Illinois - Study- Omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation via cannabinoids - Illinois
        18. Scientists Develop Broad-Spectrum Inhibitors of Influenza Viruses
        19. New App Replaces Ultrasound with Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health - Caltech
        20. Caltech Researchers Create Test That Reveals Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in 30 Minutes - Caltech
        21. Blood Test Finds Cancer Before Symptoms Start - NBC News
        22. Featured news - Traditional Amazonian drug linked to improved sense of wellbeing - University of Exeter
        23. NICM - Exercise increases brain size, new research finds
        24. Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms - The New York Times
        25. Sugar industry sponsorship of germ-free rodent studies linking sucrose to hyperlipidemia and cancer- An historical analysis of internal documents
        26. White male gun owners with money stress more likely to be morally attached to their guns- They are also more likely to see violence against US government as sometimes justified, -- ScienceDaily
        27. Earplugs unavoidable for musicians in the orchestra and at home
        28. Sugar industry withheld evidence of sucrose's health effects nearly 50 years ago, study shows -- ScienceDaily
        29. Location, location, location- Immunization delivery site matters
        30. Male homosexuality and maternal immune responsivity to the Y-linked protein NLGN4Y
        31. Earplugs unavoidable for musicians in the orchestra and at home
        32. Male homosexuality and maternal immune responsivity to the Y-linked protein NLGN4Y
        33. researchers identify new genes associated with cognitive ability - Northwell Health
        34. Ketamine Can Rapidly Reduce Suicidal Thoughts
        35. Meet the Tiny Machine in Cells that Massacres Viruses
        36. Allergens need collaborators to cause allergy
        37. Fast food makes the immune system more aggressive in the long term — Universität Bonn
        38. Repeated head hits, not concussions, may lead to brain damage, study says - UPI.com
        39. Does dim light make us dumber- - MSUToday - Michigan State University
        40. Concussions Can Be Detected With New Blood Test Approved by FDA
        41. Insulin Goes Viral - Joslin Diabetes Center
        42. Finnish Research Group Discovers a New Immune System Regulator
        43. Consumer & Industrial Products Now a Dominant Urban Air Pollution Source - CIRES
        44. Jury's in- opioids are not better than other medicines for chronic pain
        45. Molecule that gives energy-burning brown fat its identity could lead to drugs for obesity - Salk Institute for Biological Studies
        46. Dimethandrolone undecanoate shows promise as a male birth control pill - Endocrine Society
        47. Prenatal Stress Changes Brain Connectivity In-Utero- New Findings from Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - Cognitive Neuroscience Society
        48. New study finds younger aged children with symptoms of ADHD have reduced brain size - Kennedy Krieger Institute
        49. Association Between US State Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Prescribing in the Medicare Part D Population - Adolescent Medicine - JAMA Internal Medicine - JAMA Network
        50. Here's How Much Exercise You Need to Give Your Brain a Boost
      5. www.newswise.com-articles-neonicotinoid-pesticide-affects-foraging-and-social-interaction-in-bumblebees
      6. Common crop chemical leaves bees susceptible to deadly viruses
      7. Almost Two-Thirds of Primate Species Near Extinction, Scientists Find
      8. Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor' - BBC News
      9. Seeds offer clue to domesticated plants' larger size - BBC News
      10. Ethicists advise caution in applying CRISPR gene editing to humans
      11. Earliest evidence of life on Earth 'found' - BBC News
      12. Enzyme-free Krebs cycle may have been key step in origin of life on Earth - The Francis Crick Institute
      13. -Phosphorylation of WRINKLED1 by KIN10 Results in its Proteasomal Degradation; Providing a Link Between Energy Homeostasis and Lipid Synthesis-
      14. Microbial community assembly and evolution in subseafloor sediment
      15. Surprising New Role for Lungs- Making Blood - UC San Francisco
      16. Researchers discover workings of brain’s ‘GPS system’ - Neuroscience
      17. Did life begin on land rather than in the sea-
      18. Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk - News and Research Communications - Oregon State University
      19. Research Highlights - WPI World Premier International Research Center Initiative- Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University
      20. BBC - Future - The invention of ‘heterosexuality’
      21. Plants reveal decision-making abilities under competition
      22. Penn Study on Super-silenced DNA Hints at New Ways to Reprogram Cells – PR News
      23. Brain-Cell ‘Antenna’ May be Key to Understanding Obesity - UC San Francisco
      24. Study finds that genes play a role in empathy - University of Cambridge
      25. Early life experiences influence DNA in the adult brain - Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    3. Earth Sciences
      1. A supervolcano caused the largest eruption in European history. Now it’s stirring again. - The Washington Post
      2. Weather buoy near North Pole hits melting point - The Washington Post
      3. Flood threats changing across US - Iowa Now
      4. Iceberg the size of Delaware to break off from Antarctica
      5. Hydrologic and Climatic Responses to Global Anthropogenic Groundwater Extraction- Journal of Climate- Vol 30, No 1
      6. More tornadoes in the most extreme U.S. tornado outbreaks - Science
      7. Human-Driven Global Warming Is Biggest Threat to Polar Bears, Report Says
      8. Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise- Through warming effects, methane and other gases impact rising seas long after leaving the atmosphere -- ScienceDaily
      9. Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise - MIT News
      10. Study Finds a Connection Between Wildfires and Drought - NASA
      11. Study of microbes reveals new insight about Earth’s geology and carbon cycles - Argonne National Laboratory
      12. New England’s 1816 ‘Mackerel Year’ and Climate Change Today - Office of News & Media Relations - UMass Amherst
      13. Earth’s orbital variations and sea ice synch glacial periods - News from Brown
      14. DNA analysis of seawater detects 80% of fish species in just one day - Kobe University
      15. Prediction of large earthquakes probability improved
      16. The making of Antarctica - Newsroom - McGill University
      17. Explained- Greenhouse gases - MIT News
      18. Coal mine dust hastens Arctic snow melt - CU Boulder Today - University of Colorado Boulder
      19. Clarifying the role of coastal and marine systems in climate mitigation - Howard - 2017 - Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment - Wiley Online Library
      20. Coastal wetlands excel at storing carbon- New analysis supports mangrove forests, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows as effective climate buffers -- ScienceDaily
      21. Simulations Confirm Observations of 2015 India-Pakistan Heat Waves
      22. Boosting water table can curb climate risks, says study - BBC News
      23. Bern study rehabilitates climate models - University of Bern
      24. Methane levels have increased in Marcellus Shale region despite dip in well installation- Researchers find elevated levels of the greenhouse gas over the last 3 years -- ScienceDaily
      25. Banned chemicals persist in deep ocean
      26. Kalte Platten und heiße Schmelzen « GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
      27. How last winter’s El Niño reshaped the California coast - LA Times
      28. Weniger Sauerstoff in allen Meeren « GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
      29. How an Ice Age paradox could inform sea level rise predictions - University of Michigan News
      30. https---www.ethz.ch-en-news-and-events-eth-news-news-2017-02-laissez-faire-is-not-good-enough-for-reforestation.html
      31. Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent, Geologists Say
      32. New Research Shows How 'Atmospheric Rivers' Wreak Havoc Around The Globe
      33. Thousands of spills at US oil and gas fracking sites - BBC News
      34. Unconventional Oil and Gas Spills- Risks, Mitigation Priorities, and State Reporting Requirements - Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications)
      35. Every 200 years California suffers a storm of biblical proportions — this year’s rains are just a precursor - The Verge
      36. ‘Atmospheric rivers’ associated with California flooding also common in the Southeast - UGA Today
      37. Humans have dramatically increased extent, duration of wildfire season - CU Boulder Today - University of Colorado Boulder
      38. Oklahoma's earthquake threat now equals California's because of man-made temblors, USGS says - LA Times
      39. Frontiers - Humans as Agents in the Termination of the African Humid Period - Quaternary Science, Geomorphology and Paleoenvironment
      40. Large Sections of Australia's Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find
      41. Trees effect water cycle
      42. News Page (Environment & Ecology) - American Friends of Tel Aviv University
      43. New England’s 1816 ‘Mackerel Year’ and Climate Change Today - Office of News & Media Relations - UMass Amherst
      44. Earth’s orbital variations and sea ice synch glacial periods - News from Brown
      45. Local cooling value of forests affirms need for greater forest conservation and protection
      46. Technische Universität Wien : Das Erdmagnetfeld verdanken wir dem Nickel
      47. Man-Made Aerosols Identified as Driver in Shifting Global Rainfall Patterns - The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami
      48. Reclaiming the prairie - NIU Newsroom
      49. Scientists calculate total amount of plastics ever produced - UGA Today
      50. Drifting crop chemical deals ‘double whammy’ to U.S. farmers
      51. The real fire and fury is in Greenland right now, and it’s super scary – ThinkProgress
      52. Preservation of floodplains is flood protection - TUM
      53. New approach to measuring forest carbon density shows tropics now emit more carbon than they capture
      54. http---www.inducedearthquakes.org
      55. Carbon Conversion - Caltech
      56. Analysis of titanium in ancient rocks creates upheaval in history of early Earth
      57. A juice company dumped orange peels in a national park. Here's what it looks like now-
      58. Nasa carbon space observatory 'watches Earth breathe' - BBC News
      59. Yellowstone Supervolcano May Rumble to Life Faster Than Thought
      60. New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought - The Washington Post
      61. Low dose, constant drip- Pharmaceuticals & personal care products impact aquatic life - Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
      62. Insects Are in Serious Trouble - The Atlantic
      63. Gradient Fingerprint Mapping Simulation Sea Level Research VESL JPL NASA
      64. Should coastal planners have concern over where land ice is melting Science Advances
      65. Watch Earth 'breathe' in this awesome time-lapse video
      66. Climate change could increase volcano eruptions Interesting consequences
      67. Groundwater pumping drying up Great Plains streams, driving fish extinctions - SOURCE
      68. Lightning, with a chance of antimatter — KYOTO UNIVERSITY
      69. SMU seismology research shows North Texas earthquakes occurring on “dead” faults - SMU Humans can effect faults
      70. New early signals to quantify the magnitude of strong earthquakes - CNRS Web site - CNRS
      71. Controlled burns limited severity of Rim Fire - Penn State University
      72. Climate change could increase volcano eruptions
      73. Controlled burns limited severity of Rim Fire - Penn State University Proof of needed approach to land managment
      74. Human impacts on forests and grasslands much larger and older than previously assumed – Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
      75. Bundle Up- Scientists Predict -Mini Ice Age- Will Hit Earth in Five Years
      76. Political instability and weak governance lead to loss of species, study finds
      77. Scientists Find Surprising Evidence Of Rapid Changes in the Arctic - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      78. A Biological Solution To Carbon Capture And Recycling : News : University of Dundee
      79. Melting ice is causing the ocean to sink, worrying new study reports
      80. Ocean Bottom Deformation Due To Present-Day Mass Redistribution and Its Impact on Sea Level Observations - Frederikse - 2017 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library
      81. Recent enhanced high-summer North Atlantic Jet variability emerges from three-century context Nature Communications
      82. Jet Stream Changes Since 1960s Linked to More Extreme Weather
      83. Unexpected environmental source of methane discovered - EurekAlert! Science News
      84. New research suggests toward end of Ice Age, human beings witnessed fires larger than dinosaur killer, thanks to a cosmic impact - The University of Kansas
      85. Sorry, Earth, The Ozone Layer Isn't Healing Itself After All
      86. Land use change has warmed the Earth's surface - European Commission
      87. https---www.washingtonpost.com-news-capital-weather-gang-wp-2018-02-26-north-pole-surges-above-freezing-in-the-dead-of-winter-stunning-scientists-
      88. Plastic particles found in bottled water - BBC News
      89. Universität Würzburg- Salvage logging is often a pretext for harvesting wood
      90. Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years
      91. Sandia National Laboratories- News Releases - Biologically inspired membrane purges coal-fired smoke of greenhouse gases
      92. Putting excess carbon dioxide to good use
      93. Increasing Heat Is Driving Off Clouds That Dampen California Wildfires - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
      94. Satellite Study Finds Major Shifts in Global Freshwater - College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
      95. 437 million tonnes of fish, $560 billion wasted due to destructive fishing operations
    4. War, clan structure explain odd biological event - Stanford News
    5. Sciences
      1. Deepest x-ray image ever reveals black hole treasure trove - Penn State University
      2. Twinkle, twinkle binary star to emerge our night sky in five years - CSMonitor.com
      3. Claim made for hydrogen 'wonder material' - BBC News
      4. 'Startling' dinosaur protein discovery - BBC News
      5. Seeds offer clue to domesticated plants' larger size - BBC News
      6. Exceptionally Preserved Jurassic Sea Life Found in New Fossil Site - UT News - The University of Texas at Austin
      7. Confined dense circumstellar material surrounding a regular type II supernova - Nature Physics
      8. News Page (Astronomy & Astrophysics) - American Friends of Tel Aviv University
      9. Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public - MIT News
      10. Google, Dutch institute crack key internet security standard - Reuters
      11. James O’Keefe finally realized that people will develop conspiracy theories all on their own - The Washington Post
      12. UofSC discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery - @UofSC - University of South Carolina
      13. Breaking the supermassive black hole speed limit
      14. Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy -- ScienceDaily
      15. Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star
      16. Treated carbon pulls radioactive elements from water
      17. The nation’s top scientists can’t get through to Trump — and they’re alarmed - The Washington Post
      18. Science Reveals the Secret to Ancient Rome's Indestructible Concrete
      19. Fastest stars in the Milky Way are ‘runaways’ from another galaxy - University of Cambridge
      20. USA- Ruins of Viking Settlement Discovered near Hudson River – World News Daily Report
      21. New technique spots warning signs of extreme events - EurekAlert! Science News
      22. Gravitational Waves Will Bring the Extreme Universe Into View
      23. Ancient Tablet May Show Earliest Use of This Advanced Math
      24. Gravitational waves from kilonova collision of neutron stars discovered - The Washington Post
      25. Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold - Chicago Tribune
      26. Astronomers discover a ring around egg-shaped dwarf planet Haumea - The Verge
      27. A strange new world of light - Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
      28. Astronomers discover a star that would not die - EurekAlert! Science News
      29. Small Asteroid or Comet 'Visits' from Beyond the Solar System
      30. Neanderthals With Disabilities Survived Through Social Support
      31. How impatience guides financial behavior - MIT News
      32. Before the Big Bang - AGÊNCIA FAPESP
      33. Galaxy Orbits in the Local Supercluster
      34. White male gun owners with money stress more likely to be morally attached to their guns- They are also more likely to see violence against US government as sometimes justified, -- ScienceDaily
      35. Lightning, with a chance of antimatter — KYOTO UNIVERSITY
      36. Galaxy Orbits in the Local Supercluster
      37. The origin of water’s unusual properties found - Stockholm University
      38. Rice U. physicists discover new type of quantum material
      39. IST Austria- New approach can save up to 95% of energy used for pipelines
      40. Scientist proposes new definition of a planet
      41. Modern humans left Africa much earlier - BBC News
      42. Deeply divergent archaic mitochondrial genome provides lower time boundary for African gene flow into Neanderthals - Nature Communications
      43. New Horizons Captures Record-Breaking Images in the Kuiper Belt - NASA
      44. Scientists shocked by massive discovery about the Sun
      45. All power to the proton- researchers make battery breakthrough - RMIT University
      46. Colored Pigments and Complex Tools Suggest Humans Were Trading 100000 Years Earlier Than Previously Believed
      47. A star disturbed the comets of the solar system in prehistory - News - SINC - Servicio de Información y Noticias Científicas
    6. Technology
      1. Location Plus codes
      2. EU's Galileo satellite system goes live after 17 years - BBC News
      3. How soil moisture can help predict power outages caused by hurricanes - News Room - The Ohio State University
      4. Chemical and Structural Evolution of Catalytic Nanoparticles in 3D
      5. new-approach-to-recycle-greenhouse-gas
      6. Crystallization method offers new option for carbon capture from ambient air - ORNL
      7. Treated carbon pulls radioactive elements from water
      8. Low-Cost Imaging System Detects Natural Gas Leaks in Real Time - News Releases - The Optical Society
      9. Oroville Dam- Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago
      10. Reactive lignin for reducing the environmental impacts of wood products
      11. Thousands of spills at US oil and gas fracking sites - BBC News Hidden truth
      12. http---snappartnership.net-groups-hydraulic-fracturing-webapp-spills.html
      13. Green Science Policy Institute
      14. Highly Fluorinated Chemicals - Green Science Policy Institute
      15. Combining polyethylene and polypropylene.pdf
      16. How lasers are helping flesh out what dinosaurs really looked like - CSMonitor.com
      17. Cold War-Era Nuclear Test Films Reveal New Data When Digitized : The Two-Way : NPR
      18. Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - Motherboard Corporate copyright profits vs farming
      19. Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water
      20. UBC invention uses bacteria to purify water
      21. WorldCat.org- The World's Largest Library Catalog
      22. First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power - UW Today
      23. Double-duty textile developed by Stanford researchers could warm or cool
      24. There's a hidden spacecraft dump in the middle of the ocean - here's what's down there - ScienceAlert
      25. Researchers develop flexible, stretchable photonic devices - MIT News
      26. New Software Can Verify Someone’s Identity by their DNA in Minutes - Columbia News End of privacy
      27. HADES creates alternate reality to mislead hackers
      28. Futurism - These 3D printed muscles are 3X stronger than real muscles!
      29. Why Road-Widening Doesn't Work... And What Does · The Plaza Perspective
      30. Quad 9 - Internet Security and Privacy in a Few Easy Steps
      31. This soft and flexible bulletproof Graphene is harder than diamond Research
      32. NTU study finds that hackers could guess your phone PIN using its sensor data
      33. NUS researchers pioneer water-based, eco-friendly and energy-saving air-conditioner - NUS News
      34. Materials
      35. Over a Decade Later, NASA's Long-Dead IMAGE Satellite May Have Come Back to Life
      36. NASA's newly rediscovered IMAGE mission provided key aurora research
      37. A revolutionary material for aerospace and neuromorphic computing
      38. A quadrillionth of a second in slow motion - TUM
      39. Multifunctional metalens unlocks with light - Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
      40. Smart office secrets- Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant could hear commands the human ear can't - TechRepublic
    7. Etc
      1. Russian hack on the Pentagon- Hackers struck last year at the heart of the U.S. military in 2015 - CBS News
      2. The nation’s top scientists can’t get through to Trump — and they’re alarmed - The Washington Post
      3. Meet the First Woman to Win the -Nobel Prize of Mathematics- - Mother Jones
      4. Ohio Gov. Kasich is trying to impose this misguided mandate on teachers - The Washington Post
      5. Pope suggests it's better to be an atheist than a bad Christian
      6. Dismal Results From Vouchers Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins - The New York Times
      7. Court settles debate that’s divided grammar nerds for decades
      8. Critical Thinking Instruction in Humanities Reduces Belief in Pseudoscience - NC State News - NC State University
      9. Einstein's 'Impossible' Experiment Finally Performed
      10. Pressure mounts to curtail surgery on intersex children - Chicago Tribune
      11. The economic case for climate action in the United States - EurekAlert! Science News
      12. Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report - NYTimes.com
      13. Meet the Most Feared Women in History
      14. How Common is Your Birthday- This Visualization Might Surprise You - The Daily Viz
      15. UT Austin Professors Discover Copy of Jesus’ Secret Revelations to His Brother - UT News - The University of Texas at Austin
      16. Improving traffic - by tailgating less MIT CSAIL
      17. The Billingford Hutch and the moonwort fern – a medieval mystery solved - University of Cambridge
      18. California solar panels - guide to solar incentives, costs and savings in CA !!
      19. Nuclear Close Calls - Union of Concerned Scientists
      20. Nessie on the Net! The Official and Ultimate Nessie Loch Ness Monster Web Site and Live Cams - Highlands, Scotland-
      21. Aetna's former medical director says he never reviewed patient records before denying care
      22. Alabama Conservatives Introduce Measures to Protect Property Rights, Leading to Backlash from DAs and Sheriffs - National Review
      23. Archaeologists find ancient necropolis in Egypt - Daily Mail Online
      24. How to request your personal data under GDPR - TechRepublic