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    1. Energy
      1. Bio
        1. Scientists document first consumption of abundant life form, Archaea - News & Research Communications - Oregon State University
        2. Energy-dense biofuel from cellulose close to being economical
        3. Bonus Wall | Shamengo
        4. Penn State Live - Microbes make 'clean' methane
        5. Oil from algae closer to reality through studies by unique collaboration of scientists - AgriLife Today
        6. Garbage bug may help lower the cost of biofuel - ACES News -- College of ACES, University of Illinois
        7. Converting Wood to Bio-Oil
        8. Boosting Galactan Sugars Could Boost Biofuel Production « Berkeley Lab News Center
        9. Run the slurry, fly on grass
        10. Bioenergy KDF
        11. Microalgae could be a profitable source of biodiesel - UAB Barcelona
        12. BNL Newsroom - Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
        13. Transportation fuels from woody biomass promising way to reduce emissions - UW Today
        14. PNNL- News - Going green- Nation equipped to grow serious amounts of pond scum for fuel
        15. Less is more- Novel cellulose structure requires fewer enzymes to process biomass to fuel
        16. Revealing Nature’s Cellulase Diversity- The Digestion Mechanism of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii CelA
        17. NREL- News - NREL Finds a New Cellulose Digestion Mechanism by a Fast-eating Enzyme
        18. Algae go in, biocrude oil comes out - Ars Technica
        19. PNNL- News - Algae to crude oil- Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab
        20. York scientists provide new insights into biomass breakdown - News and events, The University of York
        21. Characterizing Wood-decaying Fungi for Biofuel Production
        22. Purdue News - New conversion process turns biomass 'waste' into lucrative chemical products
        23. BESC, Mascoma develop revolutionary microbe for biofuel production - ornl.gov
        24. BESC creates microbe that bolsters isobutanol production - ornl.gov
      2. Solar *
        1. Getting more electricity out of solar cells - MIT News Office
        2. This portable solar cooker can make you dinner in 20 minutes - Grist
        3. Solar energy that doesn't block the view - MSUToday - Michigan State University
        4. News - Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering
        5. High Efficiency Achieved for Harvesting Hydrogen Fuel From the Sun using Earth-Abundant Materials
        6. Batteries Included- A Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power - News Room - The Ohio State University
        7. Cheaper silicon means cheaper solar cells - Gemini.no
        8. New Materials Yield Record Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells - NC State News
        9. BNL Newsroom - Solar Cell Polymers with Multiplied Electrical Output
        10. The UPC and Eolgreen design the first public lighting system that runs on solar and wind energy — Sala de Premsa - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
        11. Empa - Towards -printed- organic solar cells and LEDs
        12. New kind of “tandem” solar cell developed - MIT News
        13. Inkjet printing process for Kesterite solar cells
        14. Chemistry student in sun harvest breakthrough – University of Copenhagen
        15. New shortcut to solar cells
        16. Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Developed through Structural Simplification
        17. www.kit.edu-downloads-pi-KIT_P…-_Novel_Organic_Solar_Cells.pdf
        18. UCLA chemists devise technology that could transform solar energy storage - UCLA
        19. New Type of Material for Solar Cells
        20. UT Arlington team develops new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion - News Center - UT Arlington
        21. Nanowires give ‘solar fuel cell’ efficiency a tenfold boost
        22. Smarter window materials can control light and energy - EurekAlert! Science News
        23. Featured news - Butterflies heat up the field of solar research - University of Exeter
        24. Ethylene Production Via Sunlight Opens Door to Future
        25. Artificial Leaf Harnesses Sunlight for Efficient Fuel Production - Caltech
      3. Unlocking fermentation secrets open the door to new biofuels - Engineering at Illinois
      4. 11 » Process converts human waste into rocket fuel » University of Florida
      5. New technique could harvest more of the sun's energy
      6. Waterloo breakthrough in electric car battery research - Waterloo Stories
      7. Scotland Takes Lead in Race for the World’s First Fossil-Fuel-Free Electric Grid - TakePart
      8. Jet Fuel from Algae- - Oceanus Magazine
      9. Researchers Produce Two Biofuels from a Single Algae - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      10. UCR Today- Novel Pretreatment Could Cut Biofuel Costs by 30 Percent or More
      11. These superconductors are just getting warmed up - USC News
      12. PNNL- News - Dendrite eraser- New electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibers
      13. UH Researchers Discover New Material to Produce Clean Energy - University of Houston
      14. New material captures carbon at half the energy cost
      15. Hidden benefits of electric vehicles revealed - Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability - Michigan State University
      16. Virginia Tech researchers' discovery in alternative energy production may be breakthrough for hydrogen-fueled vehicles - Virginia Tech News - Virginia Tech
      17. Bendy battery promises safe, speedy charging - BBC News
      18. Research could usher in next generation of batteries, fuel cells - University of South Carolina
      19. Cobalt film a clean-fuel find
      20. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page
      21. This wind turbine has no blades — and that’s why it’s better
      22. Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind the highly touted sodium-oxygen battery - EurekAlert! Science News
      23. New 'designer carbon' from Stanford boosts battery performance - Stanford News Release
      24. Re-use of paper sludge via pyrolysis
      25. This giant straw is actually a vertical bladeless wind turbine - TreeHugger
      26. New 'designer carbon' from Stanford engineers boosts battery performance - Engineering
      27. Stanford engineers develop state-by-state plan to convert U.S. to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050 - Engineering
      28. New nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tires
      29. Powerful, efficient ceramic fuel cells could enable in-home production of electricity from natural gas - Colorado School of Mines - Newsroom
      30. Pouring Fire on Fuels at the Nanoscale - Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University OIST
      31. Sandia National Laboratories- News Releases - Algae nutrient recycling is a triple win
    2. Life
      1. Medical *
        1. Exposure During Pregnancy to Common Household Chemicals Associated with Substantial Drop in Child IQ 12-10-2014 - News - Mailman School of Public Health
        2. Germs Are Germs, and Why Not Take a Risk- Patients’ Expectations for Prescribing Antibiotics in an Inner-City Emergency Department
        3. Researchers Identify Non-Gluten Proteins as Targets of Immune Response to Wheat in Celiac Disease - Columbia University Medical Center
        4. Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk - News ...
        5. Research - Research news - 2015 - Lucid dreams and metacognition- Awareness of thinking - awareness of dreaming
        6. www.usamriid.army.mil-press_releases-Travis_mBio_Feb_10_FINAL.pdf
        7. Protein controls both alcohol craving and organ damage - EurekAlert! Science News
        8. Reality is distorted in brain's maps - EurekAlert! Science News
        9. Brain Imaging Links Language Delay to Chromosome Deletion in Children with Neurological Disorders - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
        10. Autism Genes Activate During Fetal Brain Development
        11. News Release
        12. Autistic features linked to prenatal exposure to fire retardants, phthalates - EurekAlert! Science News
        13. Exposure to endocrine disruptors during pregnancy affects the brain two generations later - EurekAlert! Science News
        14. BBC News - Autism is largely down to genes, twins study suggests
        15. Blood-based genetic biomarkers identify young boys with autism - EurekAlert! Science News
        16. Anglo-Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA - health - 30 March 2015 - New Scientist
        17. Sound separates cancer cells from blood samples - Penn State University
        18. UCLA study finds characteristic pattern of protein deposits in brains of retired NFL players who suffered concussions - UCLA Health
        19. New evidence supports success of fecal transplants in ...
        20. Protein identified that serves as a “brake” on inflammation
        21. New technique shows shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak - Penn State University
        22. Rabbit virus improves bone marrow transplants, kills some cancer cells
        23. Impact of environmental exposure to insecticides on the cognitive development of 6 year old children - Salle de presse - Press Room - INSERM
        24. WSU scientists turn white fat into obesity-fighting beige fat - WSU News Washington State University
        25. A Novel Anxiety and Affective Spectrum Disorder of Mind and Body—The ALPIM (Anxiety-Laxity-Pain-Immune-Mood) Syndrome- A Preliminary Report- The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences- Vol 27, No 2
        26. Development of Pulmonary Fibrosis
        27. Ebola vaccine is 'potential game-changer' - BBC News
        28. Scientists have developed an eye drop that can dissolve cataracts - ScienceAlert
        29. New Approach for Making Vaccines Against Deadly Diseases
        30. An all-natural sunscreen derived from algae - American Chemical Society
        31. Scientists Discover How A Single Mutation Can Cause Autism - IFLScience
        32. Scientists discover electrical control of cancer cell growth - UTHealth
      2. Yeast Are First Cells Known to Cure Themselves of Prions - UANews
      3. Now researchers can see how unfolded proteins move in the cell - News Bureau - University of Illinois
      4. Predator Versus Prey - The UCSB Current
      5. Of Bugs and Brains - UANews
      6. An Autoregulatory Mechanism Imposes Allosteric Control on the V(D)J Recombinase by Histone H3 Methylation- Cell Reports
      7. Defying Textbook Science, Study Finds New Role for Proteins
      8. NYU Vaccination for Prion worked
      9. Study finds experience of pain relies on multiple brain pathways, not just one - University of Colorado Boulder
      10. YaleNews - Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems
      11. Transient delivery of modified mRNA encoding TERT rapidly extends telomeres in human cells
      12. Chimp Intelligence -Runs In Families,- Environment Less Important, Study Finds - Georgia State University News
      13. Walking on ice takes more than brains - Salk Institute - News Release
      14. Transgender Kids Show Consistent Gender Identity Across Measures - Association for Psychological Science
      15. Mothers can pass traits to offspring through bacteria’s DNA
      16. Page 1 of 3 Genome's tale of “conquer and enslave” By ...
      17. Mutualism variation in the nodulation response to nitrate
      18. BBC News - Shape of eye's 'light pipes' is key to colour sorting
      19. Researchers Rethink How Our Feathered Friends Evolved
      20. SDSC-UCSD Study Uncovers Mechanisms of Cancer-Causing Mutations
      21. Surviving in Hostile Territory | The UCSB Current
      22. www.facebook.com
      23. Dispersant Used to Clean Deepwater Horizon Spill More Toxic to Corals Than the Oil
      24. Reproductive Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA)
      25. Zinc Deficiency Linked to Activation of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway - News & Events
      26. Flourishing faster- how to make trees grow bigger and quicker
      27. Blocking obesity-associated protein stops dangerous fat formation - University of Oxford
      28. Master orchestrator of the genome is discovered, UB stem cell scientists report - University at Buffalo
      29. EARTH- Amber-encased specimen could be oldest known grass - EurekAlert! Science News
      30. 'Pain sensing' gene discovery could help in development of new methods of pain relief - EurekAlert! Science News
      31. Singapore Researchers Discover How DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acid Reaches The Brain
      32. Special fats proven essential for brain growth - EurekAlert! Science News
      33. Stem Cell Switch on the Move
      34. Scientists discover a protein that silences the biological clock - EurekAlert! Science News
      35. 10.1038-nature14432
      36. Researchers Find Missing Link Between the Brain and Immune System - Neuroscience News
      37. Test unravels history of infection - BBC News
      38. Spider and centipede venom evolved from insulin-like hormone - EurekAlert! Science News
      39. The winner doesn’t always take all - ETH Zurich
      40. Increased carbon dioxide levels in air restrict plants ability to absorb nutrients - University of Gothenburg, Sweden
      41. What’s in a name- “Death-associated protein” promotes cancer growth in most aggressive breast cancers
      42. Magnetosensitive neurons mediate geomagnetic orientation in Caenorhabditis elegans - eLife
      43. IU biologists find mistletoe species lacks genes found in all other complex organisms - EurekAlert! Science News
      44. The Commingled Division of Visual Attention-
      45. Darwinian Fisheries - Shrinking Fish Sizes in Exploited Stocks
      46. First comprehensive analysis of the woolly mammoth genome completed - EurekAlert! Science News
      47. Where Iron and Water Mix - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      48. Environmental changes could impact crops and pollinators - News - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
      49. Resolving Social Conflict Is Key to Survival of Bacterial Communities
      50. Starvation Effects Handed Down for Generations
      51. Seeing the sunnier side of life – scientists bring a whole new meaning to winter - News and events, The University of York
    3. Linking climate change to natural disasters influences charitable aid
    4. Earth Sciences
      1. Abandoned wells can be 'super-emitters' of greenhouse gas -- ScienceDaily
      2. www.uef.fi - Willow trees are cost-efficient cleaners of contaminated soil - News
      3. BBC News - Volume of world's oldest water estimated
      4. The Greenland Ice Sheet- Now in HD - News Room - The Ohio State University
      5. BBC News - Antarctic photo science archive unlocked
      6. Coral reveals long-term link between Pacific winds, global climate - UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
      7. www.seismosoc.org-society-press_releases-BSSA_105-1_Skoumal_et_al_Press_Release.pdf
      8. Social cost of climate change too low, Stanford scientists say - EurekAlert! Science News
      9. Two Lakes Beneath the Ice in Greenland, Gone Within Weeks - News Room - The Ohio State University
      10. Snack Attack- Bears Munch on Ants and Help Plants Grow
      11. Radiostratigraphy and age structure of the Greenland Ice Sheet - MacGregor - Journal of Geophysical Research- Earth Surface - Wiley Online Library
      12. BBC News - Study- Global warming 'doubles risk' of extreme weather
      13. Smothered oceans- Extreme oxygen loss in oceans accompanied past global climate change -- UC Davis News & Information
      14. JPL - News - Building a Better Weather Forecast- SMAP May Help
      15. Under the surface University of South Carolina
      16. BBC News - Ancient climate records 'back predictions'
      17. Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water
      18. Shade coffee is for the birds - University of Utah News
      19. Randomness of megathrust earthquakes implied by rapid stress recovery after the Japan earthquake
      20. Pope Francis Has Sent the World a Powerful Message on Climate Change
      21. Reduced rainfall in the northern tropics linked to industrial emissions, research suggests - Durham University
      22. CSU study finds methane emissions vary widely at natural gas gathering and processing sites - SOURCE
      23. Geoengineering report- Scientists urge more research on climate intervention - University of Michigan News
      24. High seas fishing ban could boost global catches, equality
      25. BBC News - Ocean carbon release 'ended last Ice Age'
      26. Warming Pushes Western U.S. Toward Driest Period in 1,000 Years - The Earth Institute - Columbia University
      27. Efficiency of short-lived halogens at influencing climate through depletion of stratospheric ozone - Nature Geoscience - Nature Publishing Group
      28. Featured news - Satellite images reveal ocean acidification from space - University of Exeter
      29. A new paleoprecipitation proxy based on soil magnetic properties: Implications for expanding paleoclimate reconstructions
      30. Sea Level Spiked for Two Years Along NE North America - UANews
      31. First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide’s Increasing Greenhouse Effect at the Earth’s Surface - News Center
      32. Pilot plant processes biogenous residues
      33. Family records aid climate study - News -
      34. http---www.physics.utoronto.ca-Icicle_Atlas
      35. Amazon deforestation ‘threshold’ causes species loss to accelerate - University of Cambridge
      36. Same forces as today caused climate changes 1.4 billion years ago
      37. A 17-My-old whale constrains onset of uplift and climate change in east Africa
      38. Sandia National Laboratories- News Releases - Iron rain fell on early Earth, new Z machine data supports
      39. A Stiff New Layer in Earth's Mantle
      40. ‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the U.S. - UW Today
      41. Fragment of continental crust found under south east Iceland - University of Liverpool
      42. Glow in the dark tampons identify sewage pollution in rivers - News releases - News - The University of Sheffield
      43. Warning over aerosol climate fix - BBC News
      44. Global Warming More Moderate Than Worst-Case Models - Duke Environment
      45. SMU-led seismology team reveals Azle findings- - SMU
      46. Partially logged rainforests could be emitting more carbon than assumed
      47. Sentinel satellite reveals Nepal quake movement - BBC News
      48. Study advances new tool in the fight against invasive species
      49. Did dinosaur-killing asteroid trigger largest lava flows on Earth-
      50. Princeton University - Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster
      51. Ice cores show 200-year climate lag - BBC News
      52. A model approach for sustainable phosphorus recovery from wastewater - American Society of Agronomy
      53. India drift - MIT News
      54. A climate signal in the global distribution of copper deposits - University of Michigan News
      55. Bacteria the Newest Tool in Detecting Environmental Damage - Tennessee Today
      56. Amber-encased plant could be oldest known grass- Specimen may also preserve a Cretaceous-aged hallucinogen - EARTH Magazine
      57. Historical land use important factor for carbon cycling in northern lakes - Faculty of Scence and Technology - Umeå University, Sweden
      58. How Arctic ozone hole was avoided by Montreal Protocol - BBC News
      59. US scientists- Global warming pause 'no longer valid' - BBC News
      60. Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats - UW Today
      61. Is Fracking Safe Now- What the EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study Really Says - The Equation
      62. When trees aren’t ‘green’ - American Society of Agronomy
      63. Plants may run out of time to grow under ongoing climate change -- ScienceDaily
      64. Fighting climate change – with cement - Gemini.no
      65. Increased carbon dioxide levels in air restrict plants ability to absorb nutrients - University of Gothenburg, Sweden
      66. Why big dinosaurs steered clear of the tropics - University of Utah News
      67. A third of the world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress
      68. Toxic algal blooms behind Klamath River dams create health risks far downstream - News & Research Communications - Oregon State University
      69. Oklahoma Earthquakes Linked to Oil and Gas Drilling - School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
      70. U.S. mid-continent seismicity linked to high-rate injection wells - University of Colorado Boulder
      71. Jet contrails affect surface temperatures - Penn State University
      72. What's Really Warming the World- Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise
      73. Yosemite forest fire example of possible things to come
      74. Major Midwest flood risk underestimated by as much as five feet, study finds - Newsroom - Washington University in St. Louis
      75. Water used for hydraulic fracturing varies widely across United States - AGU Newsroom
      76. A tale of two (soil) cities - Soil Science Society of America
      77. Creating a stopwatch for volcanic eruptions - ASU News
      78. Study- Groundwater from aquifers important factor in food security - News Bureau - University of Illinois
      79. Record-breaking heavy rainfall events increased under global warming — PIK Research Portal
      80. YaleNews - New timeline links volcanic eruptions to centuries of cold temperature extremes
      81. Where Iron and Water Mix - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      82. OSU study- Mercury scrubbers at Oregon power plant lower other pollution too - Extension and Agricultural Research News
      83. Sun’s activity controls Greenland temperatures
      84. International report confirms- 2014 was Earth’s warmest year on record
      85. Warming slow-down is climate pause - News -
      86. Pesticides found in most pollen collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts - News - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
      87. El Niño could bring disaster and drought relief to California - LA Times
      88. California 'Rain Debt' Equal to Average Full Year of Precipitation - NASA
      89. Birds, bugs and blanket bogs – scientists warn an entire eco-system is under thr - News and events, The University of York
      90. GMAO - MERRA Atlas
      91. PNNL- News - Tiny grains of rice hold big promise for greenhouse gas reductions, bioenergy
      92. CU-Boulder researchers use wastewater treatment to capture CO2 emissions and produce energy - News Center
      93. Featured news - Crop pests outwit climate change predictions en route to new destinations - University of Exeter
      94. Feed supplement greatly reduces dairy cow methane emissions - Penn State University
      95. Seagrass thrives surprisingly well in toxic sediments - but still dies all over the world
      96. Ancient Flood Volcanoes Could Have Altered Climate
      97. Featured news - Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals - University of Exeter
      98. earth -- a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
      99. Gray Swans- Rare but predictable storms could pose big hazards – Princeton Engineering
      100. Enigma of the trees that resist wildfires - BBC News
      101. Current El Nino climate event 'among the strongest' - BBC News
      102. F&ES Study Reveals There are Many More Trees Than Previously Believed
      103. News - Warming Seas and Melting Ice Sheets
      104. News - NASA Zeroes in on Ocean Rise- How Much- How Soon-
    5. Sciences
      1. New ‘High-Entropy’ Alloy Is As Light As Aluminum, As Strong as Titanium Alloys - NC State News
      2. New ‘High-Entropy’ Alloy Is As Light As Aluminum, As Strong as Titanium Alloys - NC State News
      3. http---www.ssec.wisc.edu-apps-
      4. BBC News - Age of stars is pinned to their spin
      5. Death of a dynamo – a hard drive from space - University of Cambridge
      6. BBC News - Scientists slow the speed of light
      7. Another Carbon form
      8. Scientists bring oxygen back to dead fjord
      9. World’s Oldest Cheese Dates to 1615 B.C. - Archaeology Magazine
      10. Mystery solved- Why seashells’ mineral forms differently in seawater - MIT News
      11. New membranes deliver clean water more efficiently - The Melbourne Newsroom
      12. Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time' - BBC News
      13. Sun experiences seasonal changes, new research finds - UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
      14. Fermilab - Newsroom - Press Releases - April 13, 2015- Mapping the cosmos- Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter
      15. Assessment questions plastics' non-hazardous ranking - BBC News
      16. Multifractals suggest the existence of an unknown physical mechanism on the Sun - EurekAlert! Science News
      17. Feathery fossils peg early birds to even earlier date - BBC News
      18. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system
      19. Graphene gets bright- World's thinnest lightbulb developed
      20. Physicists shatter stubborn mystery of how glass forms - Waterloo News
      21. Rare system of five stars discovered - BBC News
      22. Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo
      23. Light- Science & Applications - Optical tuning of exciton and trion emissions in monolayer phosphorene
      24. EU satellite gears up for data flood - BBC News
      25. Surprising Discoveries about 2D Molybdenum Disulfide - Berkeley Lab
      26. Cosmic Mystery Deepens with Discovery of New Ultra-High-Energy Neutrino - Berkeley Lab
    6. Technology
      1. Turning loss to gain- cutting power could boost laser output
      2. Nanotechnology leads to better, cheaper LEDs for phones and lighting
      3. The Greenland Ice Sheet- Now in HD - News Room - The Ohio State University
      4. BBC News - Politician's fingerprint 'cloned from photos' by hacker
      5. Technology to recycle all type of plastics without using water
      6. Cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture
      7. Stanford computer scientists extend Web browsers to make the Internet safer - Engineering
      8. COWL- A Confinement System for the Web
      9. BBC News - 'Safer GMOs' made by US scientists
      10. BBC News - Laser-etched metal 'bounces' water
      11. Researchers identify materials to improve biofuel and petroleum processing - Discover - University of Minnesota
      12. Solar chip monitors windows - Research News - Top 6
      13. A trap for greenhouse gas - Harvard Gazette
      14. Binding bad- Buckyballs offer environmental benefits
      15. Silver-Glass Sandwich Structure Acts as Inexpensive Color ...
      16. Silver-Glass Sandwich Structure Acts as Inexpensive Color ...
      17. BBC News - X-ray machine opens new frontier
      18. Missouri S&T researcher cleans wastewater
      19. Pilot plant processes biogenous residues
      20. UWE Bristol- Pee Power Lights
      21. New type of membrane permits cheaper and more efficient water purification
      22. Memory alloy bounces back into shape 10 million times - BBC News
      23. Catalysts Safely Remove Dangerous Compound from Wastewater
      24. Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators - Nature Communications - Nature Publishing Group
      25. Penn News - Penn Research Simplifies Recycling of Rare-earth Magnets
      26. Digital messages on vehicle windshields make driving less safe - EurekAlert! Science News
      27. Biodegradable, Flexible Silicon Transistors
      28. Producing biodegradable plastic just got cheaper and greener – KU Leuven
      29. Engineered hybrid crystal opens new frontiers for high-efficiency lighting - U of T Engineering News
      30. From cameras to computers, new material could change how we work and play - news @ Northeastern
      31. Researchers find major security flaw with ZigBee smart home devices
      32. Ethylene Production Via Sunlight Opens Door to Future
      33. A Most Singular Nano-Imaging Technique - Berkeley Lab
      34. Carbon nanofibres made from CO2 in the air - BBC News
      35. Soaking Up Carbon Dioxide and Turning it into Valuable Products - Berkeley Lab
      36. Making Nanowires from Protein and DNA - Caltech
    7. Etc
      1. A 'smoking gun' on Ice Age megafauna extinctions -- ScienceDaily
      2. Austrian designer develops a new concept for the door all based on rotating squares
      3. Unidata | Home
      4. Could spiders be the key to saving our bees- - Press Office - Newcastle University
      5. http---bit.ly-Uy6Z5h
      6. Germs Are Germs, and Why Not Take a Risk- Patients’ Expectations for Prescribing Antibiotics in an Inner-City Emergency Department
      7. UiO linguist makes sensational claim- English is a Scandinavian language - Apollon
      8. $375 billion wasted on billing and insurance paperwork - Physicians for a National Health Program
      9. Boston’s natural gas infrastructure releases high levels of heat-trapping methane - Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
      10. Shocker- Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud
      11. If a renowned jihadi cleric can't get through to Islamic State, who can- - Yahoo News
      12. Bill O’Reilly’s 1982 Falklands War stories called into question - Yahoo News
      13. Archaeologists Discover a Cheese That's Almost 2,000 Years Older Than Jesus - RYOT News
      14. The financial crisis wasn't caused by subprime lending - Fortune
      15. Princeton Study- U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy
      16. Cheney’s claim that the U.S. did not prosecute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding - The Washington Post
      17. Early Britons- Have we underestimated our ancestors- - BBC News

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