• REF15 Notable Articles News that's not on 'The News', that will matter tomorrow; most recent at bottom of each catagory
    1. Energy
      1. Bio
        1. Scientists document first consumption of abundant life form, Archaea - News & Research Communications - Oregon State University
        2. Energy-dense biofuel from cellulose close to being economical
        3. Bonus Wall | Shamengo
        4. Penn State Live - Microbes make 'clean' methane
        5. Oil from algae closer to reality through studies by unique collaboration of scientists - AgriLife Today
        6. Garbage bug may help lower the cost of biofuel - ACES News -- College of ACES, University of Illinois
        7. Converting Wood to Bio-Oil
        8. Boosting Galactan Sugars Could Boost Biofuel Production « Berkeley Lab News Center
        9. Run the slurry, fly on grass
        10. Bioenergy KDF
        11. Microalgae could be a profitable source of biodiesel - UAB Barcelona
        12. BNL Newsroom - Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
        13. Transportation fuels from woody biomass promising way to reduce emissions - UW Today
        14. PNNL- News - Going green- Nation equipped to grow serious amounts of pond scum for fuel
        15. Less is more- Novel cellulose structure requires fewer enzymes to process biomass to fuel
        16. Revealing Nature’s Cellulase Diversity- The Digestion Mechanism of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii CelA
        17. NREL- News - NREL Finds a New Cellulose Digestion Mechanism by a Fast-eating Enzyme
        18. Algae go in, biocrude oil comes out - Ars Technica
        19. PNNL- News - Algae to crude oil- Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab
        20. York scientists provide new insights into biomass breakdown - News and events, The University of York
        21. Characterizing Wood-decaying Fungi for Biofuel Production
      2. Researchers split water into hydrogen, oxygen using light, nanoparticles
      3. Cobalt catalysts allow researchers to duplicate the complicated steps of photosynthesis - Argonne National Laboratory
      4. Solar *
        1. UCLA researchers create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity - UCLA Newsroom
        2. NIST Measurement Advance Could Speed Innovation in Solar Devices
        3. Solar Power Day and Night
        4. Hybrid Electric Energy- Self-Charging Power Cell Converts and Stores Energy in a Single Unit - Georgia Tech Research News
        5. Zinc could replace 'rare earths' in solar cells, screens - University of Oxford
        6. New efficiency record for photovoltaic cells - thanks to heterojunction
        7. Solar cells made from black silicon - Research News October 2012 - Topic 2
        8. Organic solar cells with high electric potential for portable electronics
        9. Rice unveils super-efficient solar-energy technology
        10. The Installed Price of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Continues to Decline at a Rapid Pace « Berkeley Lab News Center
        11. Technische Universität Wien : Neues Material verspricht bessere Solarzellen
        12. New world record efficiency for thin film silicon solar cells
        13. Champion nano-rust for producing solar hydrogen
        14. Microorganisms found in salt flats could offer new path to green hydrogen fuel - Argonne National Laboratory
        15. Universität Basel
        16. Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells, Stanford scientists say
        17. Solar-cell manufacturing costs- innovation could level the field - MIT News Office
        18. Connection between Stacked Solar Cells Can Handle Energy of 70,000 Suns
        19. Scientists develop heat-resistant materials that could vastly improve solar cell efficiency
        20. Refined materials provide booster shot for solar energy conversion
        21. Researchers find simple, cheap way to increase solar cell efficiency
        22. A new material for solar panels could make them cheaper, more efficient - Argonne National Laboratory
        23. GT - Research at Tech - Research News - Solar-Induced ...
        24. Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle - ASU News
        25. Getting more electricity out of solar cells - MIT News Office
        26. This portable solar cooker can make you dinner in 20 minutes - Grist
        27. Solar energy that doesn't block the view - MSUToday - Michigan State University
      5. Ames Laboratory scientists develop indium-free organic light-emitting diodes
      6. Empa - MM-HITTEC Brennstoffzellen - HITTEC – from waste heat to electricity - A “turbo” for solid oxide fuel cells
      7. BBC News - Plastic bulb development promises better quality light
      8. ‘Snooze button’ on biological clocks improves cell adaptability - Research News @ Vanderbilt - Vanderbilt University
      9. The Advantage of Electric Power-2013 Launch Party - YouTube
      10. Just Add Water- How Scientists Are Using Silicon to Produce Hydrogen on Demand - News Center
      11. BBC News - Hydrogen's energy promise improves
      12. MIT researchers develop solar-to-fuel roadmap for crystalline silicon - MIT News Office
      13. Student Built Car Gets 3,587 MPG in Competition
      14. Small in size, big on power- New microbatteries a boost for electronics - News Bureau - University of Illinois
      15. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory - New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Power the Grid
      16. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory - A Solar Energy Chip 100 Times More Efficient
      17. New mechanism converts natural gas to energy faster, captures CO2
      18. New Method for Producing Clean Hydrogen - Duke Today
      19. New Method for Producing Clean Hydrogen - Duke Today
      20. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory - New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Power the Grid
      21. Oak Ridge National Laboratory - New all-solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology
      22. Stanford scientists develop efficient zinc-air battery
      23. Stanford scientists create novel silicon electrodes that improve lithium-ion battery performance
      24. Unzipped nanotubes unlock potential for batteries
      25. University’s energy reduction experimentation pays off - McGill Reporter
      26. An environmentally friendly battery made from wood
      27. A cheaper drive to 'cool' fuels
      28. Bio-inspired Design May Lead to More Energy Efficient Windows
      29. News- Cutting Consumption, Saving Lives- Fuel Cell Technology Proves Powerful in Demo - Office of Naval Research
      30. New rechargeable flow battery enables cheaper, large-scale energy storage - MIT News Office
      31. Clay key to high-temperature supercapacitors
      32. Futuristic copper foam batteries get more bang for the buck
      33. UC's SmartLight more than a bright idea, it's a revolution in interior lighting ready to shine
      34. Wireless device converts 'lost' energy into electric power
      35. Light from silicon nanocrystal LEDs
      36. Process holds promise for production of synthetic gasoline - UIC News Center
      37. Energy Pathways
      38. Sandia National Laboratories- News Releases - Fusion instabilities lessened by unexpected effect
      39. PNNL- News - Battery development may extend range of electric cars
      40. Put a plastic bag in your tank- Converting polyethylene waste into liquid fuel -- ScienceDaily
      41. Nonflammable lithium ion battery developed -- ScienceDaily
      42. Solar-induced hybrid fuel cell produces electricity directly from biomass -- ScienceDaily
      43. Nanoscale pillars could radically improve conversion of heat to electricity, say CU-Boulder researchers - University of Colorado Boulder
      44. A new renewable energy source- Device captures energy from Earth's infrared emissions to outer space -- ScienceDaily
      45. BBC News - New magnetic material could boost electronics
      46. Surprising Material Could Play Role in Saving Energy - News - McCormick School of Engineering - Northwestern University
      47. UCR Today- Charging Portable Electronics in 10 Minutes
      48. NIST Test House Exceeds Goal; Ends Year with Energy to Spare
      49. Copper foam turns CO2 into useful chemicals - News from Brown
      50. Scientists at Stanford develop water splitter that runs on ordinary AAA battery
    2. Life
      1. H. pylori Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Studies
      2. ingentaconnect Fast Track Article- Stem Cell Salvage of injured peripheral nerve
      3. Study cracks how the brain processes emotions
      4. NIMH · Schizophrenia’s Genetic “Skyline” Rising
      5. Medical *
        1. Tracking the origins of HIV - ACES News -- College of ACES, University of Illinois
        2. Move on, MRSA -- North Carolina State University
        3. BBC News - We all have hundreds of DNA flaws, UK geneticists say
        4. popular weight-loss drug strongly alters other drug therapies
        5. Move on, MRSA -- North Carolina State University
        6. Unlikely Partners- Grateful Dead Drummer Teams with Scientist to Study How Rhythm Heals - TIME.com
        7. USF and VA researchers find long-term consequences for those suffering traumatic brain injury
        8. -Study- Behavioral Therapy for Children With Autism Can Impact Brain Function - - UC Santa Barbara News Release
        9. Bristol University | News from the University | Schools of Physiology and Pharmacology and Biochemistry
        10. To understand today's health problems, look at evolutionary past
        11. Vitamin D, omega-3 may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's - UCLA Newsroom
        12. Newly identified natural protein blocks HIV, other deadly viruses - UCLA Newsroom
        13. UCLA study suggests link between untreated depression, response to shingles vaccine - UCLA Newsroom
        14. ASU's Autism-Asperger's Research Program
        15. Autism Research Institute
        16. Higher levels of several toxic metals found in children with autism - ASU News
        17. American Friends of Tel Aviv University- Walking Away from Back Pain
        18. Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria – here to stay in both hospital and community (PLoS Pathogens) - Princeton Journal Watch
        19. 'Study Finds Physical Therapy Just as Effective as Surgery in Patients with a Torn Meniscus and Arthritis of the Knee'
        20. BBC News - Down's syndrome 'linked to brain protein loss'
        21. Contact killing of Salmonella Typhimurium by human faecal bacteria - News from the Institute of Food Research
        22. Guelph Scientists Develop First Vaccine to Help Control Autism Symptoms - University of Guelph
        23. Abnormalities in HER2 gene found in wide variety of advanced cancers
        24. Danish researchers expose new cause of life-threatening disease – University of Copenhagen
        25. New approach to vaccine design targets HIV and other fast-mutating viruses - Argonne National Laboratory
        26. Common gene known to cause inherited autism now linked to specific behaviors - UCLA Newsroom
        27. Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function, UCLA study shows - UCLA Newsroom
        28. New Data on Islet Autoantibodies in Young Children Defines Early Type 1 Diabetes Development
        29. Getting to grips with migraine - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
        30. Type 1 diabetes- Can insulin-producing cells be regenerated-
        31. Brain epigenome changes from birth to adolescence
        32. Harvard researchers warn of legacy mercury in the environment - Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
        33. Barb_Spring2013.pdf
        34. BBC News - New antibiotic that attacks MRSA found in ocean microbe
        35. Distinct brain disorders biologically linked - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
        36. Alcoholism could be linked to a hyper-active brain dopamine system
        37. Genetic overlap between schizophrenia and depression - Startpage - Karolinska Institutet
        38. Biphasic electrical stimulation- A strategy may bring hope to spinal cord injury patients
        39. Researchers discover a potential cause of autism — News Room - UNC Health Care
        40. -Dueling Infections- One Keeps the Other at Bay, Say UCSB Anthropologists -i--br-Researchers find parasitic worms limit the effects of giardia, and vice versa--br---i- - - UC Santa Barbara News Release
        41. University of Glasgow :: University news
        42. BBC News - Mosquito 'invisibility cloak' discovered
        43. BBC News - Moving to the rhythm 'can help language skills'
        44. Study finds that a subset of children often considered to have autism may be misdiagnosed
        45. 'Wildly heterogeneous genes'
        46. Mouse studies reveal promising vitamin D-based treatment for MS (Sept. 26, 2013)
        47. Sequencing studies help pinpoint gene in Prader-Willi syndrome
        48. Notre Dame researchers uncover keys to antibiotic resistance in MRSA -- News -- Notre Dame News -- University of Notre Dame
        49. Immune system discovery could lead to EBV vaccine to prevent mono, some cancers
        50. Flu Shot Halves Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke in People with History of Heart Attack, Study Finds
        51. Can thermodynamics help us better understand human cancers- - UCLA Newsroom
        52. Genome-wide association analysis identifies 13 new risk loci for schizophrenia - Nature Genetics - Nature Publishing Group
        53. Bisphenol A is affecting us at much lower doses than previously thought
        54. Penn News - Penn Dental Medicine Team Identifies Molecule Critical to Healing Wounds
        55. Rapid testing to diagnose influenza leads to more appropriate care in the ED
        56. Mayo Clinic- Drug induces morphologic, molecular and clinical remissions in myelofibrosis
        57. USF Health News » New brief therapy eases symptoms of combat-related psychological trauma, USF Nursing study shows [VIDEO]
        58. No Two People Smell the Same - Duke Today
        59. New tech lets cholesterol-tracking smartphone users take lifesaving selfies - Media Relations Office
        60. How Cells Remodel After UV Radiation - UCSD News - UC San Diego
        61. Toward a Molecular Explanation for Schizophrenia
        62. Michael Conn - ONPRC - OHSU
        63. Chinese herbal compound relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain - UCIrvine News
        64. Odor receptors discovered in lungs - Newsroom - Washington University in St. Louis
        65. On-demand vaccines possible with engineered nanoparticles - UW Today
        66. LSUHSC research reveals structure of master regulator and new drug target for autism, cervical cancer
        67. Antipsychotic drug exhibits cancer-fighting properties
        68. Media Availability- NIH-Created Toxin Can Kill HIV-Infected Cells that Persist Despite Treatment
        69. FAQ- Human Microbiome, January 2014
        70. BBC News - Autism 'begins long before birth'
        71. The Neanderthal in us
        72. Noisy brain signals- How the schizophrenic brain misinterprets the world
        73. Genome regions once mislabeled ‘junk’ linked to heart failure - Newsroom - Washington University in St. Louis
        74. AAOS Online Newsroom - Universal neuromuscular training an inexpensive, effective way to reduce ACL injuries in athletes
        75. New stem cell research points to early indicators of schizophrenia
        76. Susana Soares’ Glass Device Uses Honey Bees to Detect Cancer - Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
        77. Media Availability- Early Exposure to Certain Bacteria May Protect Toddlers from Wheezing
        78. Lower Asthma Risk Is Associated with Microbes in Infants’ Homes - ucsf.edu
        79. Protein Could Put Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs in Handcuffs - Duke Today
        80. Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks are likely to reach environment, say scientists
        81. Daylight is the best medicine, for nurses
        82. Like cling wrap, new biomaterial can coat tricky burn wounds and block out infection
        83. Jailed family member increases risks for kids’ adult health - News from Brown
        84. Overhaul of our understanding of why autism potentially occurs - UdeMNouvelles
        85. Autism’s Genetic Architecture Revealed
        86. Schizophrenia’s Genetic “Skyline” Rising
        87. Common Gene Variants Account for Most Genetic Risk for Autism
      6. Protein Creates Paths For Growing Nerve Cells - 12-18-2012
      7. Strange behavior- new study exposes living cells to synthetic protein - ASU News
      8. Raising the blockade - LMU Munich
      9. Defying the laws of Mendelian inheritance
      10. NIMBioS Tutorial: Multi-cell, Multi-scale Modeling
      11. New research shows fungi living beneath the seafloor are widespread
      12. BBC News - Diamond to shine light on infections
      13. Ancient teeth bacteria record disease evolution
      14. Rewriting a Receptor’s Role
      15. Fruit flies force their young to drink alcohol -- for their own good
      16. Has evolution given humans unique brain structures- – KU Leuven
      17. Several novel nuclear envelope transmembrane proteins identified in skeletal muscle have cytoskeletal associations - Edinburgh Research Explorer
      18. How the brain loses and regains consciousness - MIT News Office
      19. mTORC2 controls actin polymerization required for consolidation of long-term memory - Nature Neuroscience - Nature Publishing Group
      20. Circuitry of cells involved in immunity, autoimmune diseases exposed - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
      21. » Meet The Weeds Monsanto Can’t Beat
      22. New mechanism for long-term memory formation discovered - UCIrvine News
      23. BBC News - Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees'
      24. -Deficiency in p38β MAPK Fails to Inhibit Cytokine Production or Protec- by Bin Xing, Adam D. Bachstetter et al.
      25. Detecting autism from brain activity
      26. UCR Today- Researchers Identify Key Cellular Organelle Involved in Gene Silencing
      27. NIH study uses Botox to find new wrinkle in brain communication - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
      28. EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory - EMBL
      29. But what does it do-
      30. Scientists announce top 10 new species for 2013
      31. First Definitive Proof for Bacteria-feeding in Green Algae
      32. Even farm animal diversity is declining as accelerating species loss threatens humanity
      33. Water-rock reaction may provide enough hydrogen ‘food’ to sustain life in cool parts of the ocean’s crust or on Mars
      34. News - Weill Cornell Medical College - Cornell University
      35. Gladstone Scientists Map Process by which Brain Cells Form Long-Term Memories - Gladstone Institutes
      36. Scientists date prehistoric bacterial invasions still present in today’s cells
      37. Study of Insect Bacteria Reveals Genetic Secrets of Symbiosis - UM News - The University Of Montana
      38. Powerful gene-editing tool appears to cause off-target mutations in human cells
      39. The genome’s 3D structure shapes how genes are expressed — Garvan Institute
      40. DNA found outside genes plays largely unknown, potentially vital roles
      41. Early Exposure to Triclocarban During Lactation Alters Survival Rate in the Female Rat Neonate -- Kennedy et al. 34 (3)- OR38-3 -- Endocrine Reviews
      42. Is that bacteria dead yet-
      43. Unique epigenomic code identified during human brain development
      44. Discovered the role of noncoding 5S rRNA in protecting the p53 tumor suppressor gene
      45. Jagged graphene edges can slice and dice cell membranes - Brown University News and Events
      46. New theory uncovers cancer's deep evolutionary roots - ASU News
      47. How rice twice became a crop and twice became a weed — and what it means for the future - Newsroom - Washington University in St. Louis
      48. 50-year-old assumptions about strength muscled aside - Argonne National Laboratory
      49. -Evolution of Cells-
      50. BBC News - Selfish traits not favoured by evolution, study shows
      51. Study reveals potential role of 'love hormone' oxytocin in brain function
      52. Short-Term Gene-Expression -Memory- is Inherited in Proteins Associated with DNA, New Research Finds — Eberly College of Science
      53. BBC News - Resurrected protein's clue to origins of life
      54. BBC News - Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'
      55. Cell memory mechanism discovered - Startpage - Karolinska Institutet
      56. Brain scans may help diagnose dyslexia
      57. -The Bitter and the Sweet- Fruit Flies Reveal a New Interaction Between the Two - - UC Santa Barbara News Release
      58. Penn News - Fish Skin Immune Responses Resemble That of the Gut, Penn Study Finds
      59. Decades on, bacterium’s discovery feted as paragon of basic science (Sept. 17, 2013)
      60. Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
      61. The secret math of plants- UCLA biologists uncover rules that govern leaf design - UCLA Newsroom
      62. UCLA scientist uncovers biological clock able to measure age of most human tissues - UCLA Newsroom
      63. Study finds a patchwork of genetic variation in the brain - Salk Institute - News Release
      64. Rare new microbe found in two spacecraft clean rooms
      65. Protein interplay in muscle tied to life span
      66. Gene Found To Foster Synapse Formation In The Brain - 10-31-2013
      67. J. Marie Hardwick
      68. Hidden layer of genome unveils how plants may adapt to environments throughout the world
      69. Acid raid, ozone depletion contributed to ancient extinction
      70. Evidence of 3.5 billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems found in Australia
      71. How living cells solved a needle in a haystack problem to generate electrical signals - UW Today
      72. BBC News - 'Memories' pass between generations
      73. Aluminum Catalyzes Serpentinization that Fuels Deep Life - Deep Carbon Observatory Portal
      74. No peak in sight for evolving bacteria - MSUToday - Michigan State University
      75. Epigenetics enigma resolved
      76. Genetically identical bacteria can behave in radically different ways - UW Today
      77. Majority of big beasts in decline
      78. BBC News - More than three quarters of large carnivores now in decline
      79. PNNL- News - Hugging hemes help electrons hop
      80. Food Processors Beware- Salmonella Biofilms Incredibly Resistant to Powerful Disinfectants
      81. Common crop pesticides kill honeybee larvae in the hive -- ScienceDaily
      82. Nanoparticles treat muscular dystrophy in mice
      83. TUM - TU München- Two new weapons in the battle against bacteria
      84. Scientists Discover the Underlying Mechanism of Heart Failure in Fish Exposed to Oil Spills -- NOAA Fisheries
      85. UA Study on Flu Evolution May Change Textbooks, History Books - UANews
      86. How do polar bears stay warm- Research finds an answer in their genes - News Center
      87. CROP SPECIES - 2014-02 - NewsItems - Media Centre - Wits University
      88. Study in Mice Raises Question- Could PTSD Involve Immune Cell Response to Stress-
      89. BBC News - 30,000-year-old giant virus 'comes back to life'
      90. BBC News - Live fast, die young strategy spawned Amazon tree boom
      91. Unique chromosomes preserved in Swedish fossil
      92. Researchers identify how zinc regulates a key enzyme involved in cell death
      93. Metabolism may have started in our early oceans before the origin of life
      94. University of Glasgow -- University news
      95. Protein anchors help keep embryonic development “just right” - NewsCenter
      96. Cellular Gates for Sodium and Calcium Controlled by Common Element of Ancient Origins - 07-01-2014
      97. New Discovery in Living Cell Signaling
      98. Scientists unravel mystery of brain cell growth - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | Boston, MA
      99. Sweet genes - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - University of Alberta
      100. Deep within spinach leaves, vibrations enhance efficiency of photosynthesis | University of Michigan News
      101. Elusive viral ‘machine’ architecture finally rendered - News from Brown
      102. Hot-spring bacteria reveal ability to use far-red light for photosynthesis
    3. Earth Sciences
      1. Down to earth with- Antarctic meteorite hunters - EARTH Magazine
      2. When the ice melts, the Earth spews fire
      3. BBC News - Reservoirs can make local flooding worse, says study
      4. Geological Society of America - Geologic Time Scale
      5. Climate change already having major effects on ecosystems, species - ASU News
      6. A New Way to Study Permafrost Soil, Above and Below Ground « Berkeley Lab News Center
      7. Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming
      8. AMS Journals Online - Global increasing trends in annual maximum daily precipitation
      9. Middle East river basin has lost Dead Sea-sized quantity of water - UCIrvine News
      10. BBC Nature - Artificial light speeds sexual maturity in blackbirds
      11. Near Earth Objects Map
      12. How a Few Wealthy Individuals Shape the Climate Agenda - The Demos Blog - PolicyShop
      13. New research shows fungi living beneath the seafloor are widespread
      14. Key to cleaner environment may be right beneath our feet - Penn State University
      15. Forecast is for more snow in polar regions, less for the rest of us (Journal of Climate) - Princeton Journal Watch
      16. The climate is not what you expect
      17. Yellowstone Ecosystem Needs Wolves and Willows, Elk and...Beavers-
      18. BBC News - Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees'
      19. Multi-Toxin Biotech Crops Not Silver Bullets, UA Scientists Warn - UANews
      20. UNH News- Rivers Act as “Horizontal Cooling Towers,” Study Finds
      21. BBC News - Earth's core far hotter than thought
      22. What If We Never Run Out of Oil- - Charles C. Mann - The Atlantic
      23. BBC News - Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark
      24. Climate researchers discover new rhythm for El Niño
      25. MBARI research shows where trash accumulates in the deep sea
      26. Earthquake acoustics may offer tsunami early warning, Stanford scientists find
      27. BBC News - Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts
      28. UCLA climate study predicts dramatic loss in local snowfall - UCLA Newsroom
      29. Berkeley Lab team uncovers secrets of biological soil crusts
      30. Study of oceans’ past raises worries about their future - Faculty of Medicine - McGill University
      31. Global cooling as significant as global warming - Press Office - Newcastle University
      32. Stunning maps show world’s most dangerous weather hot spots - The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
      33. As fine dusts contribute to deforestation - University of Bonn
      34. Sheep-Eating Plant Blooms For First Time; Puya Chilensis Started Growing 15 Years Ago (PHOTOS)
      35. Australia-Antarctica-India Breakup on Vimeo
      36. First global atlas of marine plankton reveals remarkable underwater world - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      37. Lost Productivity
      38. Devastating long-distance impact of earthquakes — Universität Bonn
      39. Natural Pest Control Protein Effective Against Hookworm- A Billion Could Benefit
      40. Seeing Photosynthesis from Space- NASA Scientists Use Satellites to Measure Plant Health - NASA
      41. Stofftransporte im Tropischen Ozean entschlüsselt « GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
      42. Global imprint of climate change on marine life : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
      43. BBC News - Chernobyl's legacy recorded in trees
      44. How will crops fare under climate change- Depends on how you ask (Global Change Biology) - Princeton Journal Watch
      45. nsf.gov - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Antarctic ice core sheds new light on how the last ice age ended - US National Science Foundation (NSF)
      46. How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes
      47. BBC News - Global warming slowdown linked to cooler Pacific waters
      48. Red cedar tree study shows that Clean Air Act is reducing pollution, improving forests
      49. NASA Study Eyes Soot's Role in 1800s Glacier Retreat - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
      50. Newly discovered flux in the Earth may solve missing-mantle mystery
      51. Princeton University - Tropical forest carbon absorption may hinge on an odd couple
      52. New climate change map adds a new factor- people - CSMonitor.com
      53. BBC News - Map traces UK's elemental signature
      54. BBC News - IPCC climate report- humans 'dominant cause' of warming
      55. First Step to Reduce Plant Need for Nitrogen Fertilizer Uncovered in Science Study
      56. New subduction zone may close Atlantic ocean - EARTH Magazine
      57. Princeton University - Without plants, Earth would cook under billions of tons of additional carbon
      58. BBC News - Chelyabinsk meteor- Space rock hit-rate 'underestimated'
      59. Princeton University - If a tree falls in Brazil…- Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western U.S.
      60. BBC News - Ozone chemicals ban linked to global warming 'pause'
      61. BBC News - Forest change mapped by Google Earth
      62. Penn News - Penn Produces Graphene Nanoribbons With Nanopores for Fast DNA Sequencing
      63. Ocean acidification could devastate the economy in the future
      64. -UCSB Research Demonstrates West Antarctica Ice Sheet Has Long Played a Role in Regulating and Responding to Earth's Climate - - UC Santa Barbara News Release
      65. Google Earth reveals untold fish catches
      66. Impacts of reforestation upon sediment load and water outflow in the Lower Yazoo River Watershed, Mississippi
      67. Aluminum Catalyzes Serpentinization that Fuels Deep Life - Deep Carbon Observatory Portal
      68. StEP E-waste World Map - STEP
      69. Oil- and metal-munching microbes dominate deep sandstone formations - News Bureau - University of Illinois
      70. Not Just the Koch Brothers- New Drexel Study Reveals ...
      71. Enormous Aquifer Discovered Under Greenland Ice Sheet - NASA
      72. Plan to Delist Gray Wolf Endangers Other Threatened Species, Researchers Find
      73. Venezuelan Lightning Storm Lasts 180 Days A Year, 10 Hours A Night In The SAME PLACE. - Minds
      74. Bristol University - News from the University - School of Earth Sciences
      75. Climate Change- Consensus
      76. Deep freeze has silver linings for natural world - Yahoo News
      77. BBC News - Pine Island Glacier's retreat 'irreversible'
      78. The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge continues into 2014; California drought intensifies - California Weather Blog
      79. Researchers discover 'epic' new Burgess Shale site in Canada's Kootenay National Park
      80. Cat parasite found in western Arctic Beluga deemed infectious
      81. absimage.aps.org-image-MAR14-MWS_MAR14-2013-001771.pdf
      82. UCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change
      83. Saving tropics could cut emissions - News -
      84. Warming climate speeds ocean emissions - News -
      85. Bees Can Be More Important Than Fertilizer — Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Beziehungsmanagement
      86. Roof Tiles that Eat Smog
      87. Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks are likely to reach environment, say scientists
      88. Ancient baby boom holds a lesson in over-population - WSU News Washington State University
      89. Oklahoma quakes induced by wastewater injection, study finds
      90. When Beliefs and Facts Collide - NYTimes.com
      91. Scripps Scientists Discover Evidence of Super-fast Deep Earthquake
      92. Dispersant from Deepwater Horizon Spill Persists in Gulf
      93. Severe Drought is Causing the Western U.S. to Rise
      94. Giant Amazon fish extinct in many fishing communities, saved in others - Virginia Tech News - Virginia Tech
    4. Sciences
      1. Texas Astronomers Measure Most Massive, Most Unusual Black Hole Using Hobby-Eberly Telescope - News
      2. The New Head of Congress' Science and Tech Committee Sure Doesn't Seem to Like Science Much
      3. Planets Abound - Caltech
      4. Caltech-Led Astronomers Discover Galaxies Near Cosmic Dawn - Caltech
      5. Asteroid map of the inner solar system February 15, 2013 - Today's Image - EarthSky
      6. Near Earth Objects Map
      7. Man-made material pushes the bounds of superconductivity, College of Engineering @ The University of Wisconsin-Madison, initiatives in energy, health, nanotechnology, security, and information technology
      8. Sandia National Laboratories- News Releases - Alloy developed at Sandia has potential for electronics in wells
      9. Understanding the continuous corn yield penalty - ACES News -- College of ACES, University of Illinois
      10. Small in size, big on power- New microbatteries a boost for electronics - News Bureau - University of Illinois
      11. New LED streetlight design curbs light pollution
      12. ScienceDirect.com - Journal of Catalysis - Novel nano-scale Au-α-Fe2O3 catalyst for the preferential oxidation of CO in biofuel reformate gas
      13. Scientists capture first images of molecules before and after reaction
      14. Discovery of new material state counterintuitive to laws of physics - Argonne National Laboratory
      15. The formula for turning cement into metal - Argonne National Laboratory
      16. American Friends of Tel Aviv University- Proof of Solomon's Mines Found in Israel
      17. Clay key to high-temperature supercapacitors
      18. Decades on, bacterium’s discovery feted as paragon of basic science (Sept. 17, 2013)
      19. BBC News - New shape-shifting metals discovered
      20. Ancient DNA Reveals Key Stages in the Formation of Central European Mitochondrial Genetic Diversity
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