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Clan MacColin Home Page
This page is an introduction to the site, with what to expect. 
 This site is Norm Montgomery's Home Page site, with a partial mirror of the Clan MacColin site. Most links within the site are relative, allowing a download to stick together. To see what I have objected to and avoid on my site,Try a Taste Test! or Treasure Hunt!.
The site structure is:
The Home Page. Graphic are limited except on pictures pages, and are shrunk to a minimum transmission size, though more now than years past.

I have a set of links pages, including all links found in my research projects to pages I expect to be of use to myself and others. The Outline includes all the headers from the pages and links to the pages, to help find information in all of them since they occasionally need to be split and rearranged. They are named REF01 through REF14.  1)Computer Business links  2)Public Resources (Gov't, Libraries, Broadcast, etc.)  3)Net (inc. search)  4) Resources by subject  5) Living History (inc. Faire)  6) Science links  7) Clan MacColin link resources  8) Internet Publishing links  9) Geosciences links  10) Commerce links  11) Hiking, etc.  12) Travel links  13) Politics  14) Local information.  15) Articles of Note.  The Outline and REF01 through REF15 links pages are kept under 64K, designed so they can be downloaded and used from a local system for speed of use (loading 50K for linking to DPA, USPS, and the University of Edinburgh, is much faster from Hard Disk). These are the Links Set on Odo's Home Page Site. More information about them is available in the  Links Intro page  These are sites that have yielded useful information, unlike 3/4 of the Google results .

Please evaluate this. I, as all authors, need feedback. Most pages in the site have navigation boxes at the top, including an evaluation page link.  

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