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Norman Ott
Odo MacColin,
ceann teig na 
'an fear sporran,
meor ballie na 
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What's This?

I am a member and officer of Clan MacColin of Glenderry. My persona name, Odo ... MacColin, used for period events, and which I always respond to.    Within Clan MacColin, I am head of the Tournaig household, ceann teig na Tournaig.    As 'an fear sporran, I am also responsible to the Chief for our money, and as meor ballie na Glenderry for keeping our administrative records. The background here is the fancier version of my personal mark, which is an equilateral triangle with a center mark for marking the dozens of tools and goods used at an event, including my coffee mug.

Among the unlisted responsibilities I have is the webmaster, and as such need to hear about any problems with the web site, Clan MacColin. I maintain a set of links both here, and there which includes subjects of use to members, others, and myself, including MacColin, living history, weather, and computer consulting subjects, etc.

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