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Are you safer now? We keep hearing claims that we are, but is that true?
Republican FocusStatus
Ossama bin LadenCan't find him
Democracy in AfghanistanWarlords in control outside of Kabul
Iraqi Weapons of Mass DestructionDidn't exist.
Al QaidaAble to fight the US Army in Iraq, not kept out by Saddam who would hang them.
Saddam Hussein Mass MurdererWe've killed more Iraqis now
World Trade Center deadMore Americans killed in Iraq than 9/11 now.
Katrina $10 Billion shifted from New Orleans levee repair to Homeland Security before Katrina
Ossama bin LadenCan't find him.
War on Terror The CIA admits there are more potential suicide bombers now than in 2000.
Democracy in Iraq Civil war
North Korean Nuclear Weapons Scared them with threats into a test
Airline Safety Can't take a Coke on a plane, cargo unscanned
"they hate freedom"Suicide bomber tape:'As you bomb, you will be bombed; as you kill, you will be killed,'
IEDsThe International Atomic Energy Commission and European Union officials warned Bush before the war that Al Qaqaa (guarded by U.N. since 1990) explosives needed to be safeguarded (377 tons of super-powerful explosives, HMX and RDX, which can be used to detonate atomic bombs and were cited by the Bush administration as dual-use materials reasons to invade), but Bush allowed them to disappear from an unguarded al-Qaqaa to be a resource for IEDs.
Free the Iraqi peopleWe freed them of jobs, safety (rampant kidnapping for ransom), electricity, plumbing, poor hospitals (sanctions), and the chance to drive to work without the fear of Sunni / Shi'ite / American soldiers shooting them.
FreedomInternational calls and the Internet monitored, Citizens held incommunicado for 17 months without warrant, grand jury, habeas corpus, or trial, while innocent, violating the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments.
Tools to fight TerrorismBush t wants to use techniques deemed torture and inhumane, risking our soldiers to treatment by whatever others may choose to claim is within the Geneva Convention.
IntegrityKenneth Lay now "innocent", Martha Stewart did time.
Homeland Security
In 2005 $30 million (leaving $6M) was reallocated from the Southern California National Forests removal of bark beetle killed trees for fire safety. We know towns and cities are not reimbursed for the huge overtime bills from DHS mandates, especially during Orange alerts, so overtime money not available for pursuing a murderer.

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