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The claim is the Republicans are good for business and the country with smaller government and sound fiscal policies. A few items seem to put that in question. The savings and loan problems under Reagan, Drexel Burnham Lambert bankruptcy in 1990, doubling the national debit under Reagan for Starwars, tripling the national debt and turning a surplus into a record deficit for the Iraq war under Bush, effectively nationalizing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, rescue of Bear Stearns, and the demise of Lehman Brothers suggest the greatest financial damage occures to business and the nation under Republican leadership.

The military, CEO income, and tax breaks for the richest 1% do grow more with Republican leadership. However the middle class, worker's wages, jobs, and the share of the economy going to the bottom half of the population shrink.

The claim that a business men succeed or fail on their merits is belied by rescuing the very richest of them after they have damaged the international economic system. This is not a little scam by a grifter, but a giant fraud, with those who are supposed to be responsible keep millions without doing the prison time a $20 liquor store robber would do in spite of stealing billions and causing the destruction of thousands of lives. They are not reaping the rewards of their actions, and the nation suffers.

The portion of the economy going to government increased, but instead of going to public services like roads, bridges, disaster prevention and relief, and the infrastructure, they spend it making war and war profits.

While the oath of office from the Constitution requires defending the Constitution, while they violated the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments with the Patriot Act, they hold their oath to Nordquist sacred. They claim Democrats are for "tax and spend", for a critical national debit. Try the truth.

As for smaller government, keeping it out of our lives, I cite Republican efforts to prevent gay marriage, abortions, birth control, and the addition of warrantless wiretaps, TSA, surveillance cameras, and the creation of Homeland Security. Tey prefer to control private behavior instead of business. They have demonstrated they are for Big Government, just another type.

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