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A Bush in high office. An under regulated financial market falters, with government helping to save the guilty. Tax cuts for the rich mean the middle class must lose, and they and the lowest must pay for it. Terrorism is an excuse for unconstitutional wiretaps. Space weapons, "Starwars", can make us safe. Preemptive attacks are called appropriate to protect world peace. Is this Bush-Cheney or Reagan-Bush?

The reasoning for these has proved false. The savings and loan, and the sub prime lending profits were not taken care of by the free market. Tax breaks for the rich have meant that children's health and middle class benefits like tuition helps must go unfunded while China buys our debit, and the dollar is devalued. Warrantless, hence unconstitutional (4th), wiretaps continue. There are now weapons in space, in the hands of the same people who have been threatening us with Armageddon (or so we hope- most U.S. Military bases have suffered breeches by "hacker" attack). An attack in the name of the War on Terror created the greatest training ground for terrorists, better than they could have made. Preemptive attacks have been used by Israel, Turkey, U.S., and Hitler. So much for protecting the peace.

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