You will respond to the world for what is done in your name. Be it praise, or condemnation for killing a loved one, you will react. You must be careful to evaluate what you are told. Foreign press may prove more reliable in that they are not as dependent on the administration's cooperation to make money.

You will hear that chemical weapons have been used. The Pentagon has already tried floating some stories. So far, we have used "spent uranium" rounds which are radio active, and Iraq has used only conventional weapons. You must be informed to prevent frauds like the Tonkin gulf. We know Saddam lies, and we know that the current administration has lied  about Iraq's nuclear and chemical weapons programs in claiming purchases  were made which were later proven to be false. Saddam has not abided by the U.N. resolutions, and the U.S is intent on attacking a foreign government that has not attacked us, in violation of the U.N. charter. (Ossama is an ally in overthrowing Saddam, but he did attack the First World.) Regan-Bush had Saddam removed from the list of terrorists to allow arming him, including biological and chemical weapons. While most Americans have ignored this, the rest of the world is very aware of this, and the fact that we do not support democracy (how did Pinochet get in power?) and are a questionable ally (Marcos). Saddam's support in Iraq may be thin, but I don't believe the Bay of Pigs argument, for I would oppose a foreign power dealing with Bush, even though I find him dangerous, even as he sanctions assassination.   If citizens are not careful, we will become a colonial power, hated and targeted by all we try to control. Would we stand for our behavior in another nation?

Tell your congressman what you want, and insist that they do not abdicate their responsibility to the president.  

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