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The Republican morals strike again. Why Spitzer saw a call girl when he was a powerful Democrat during a Republican administration that brazenly flaunts the law and constitution is beyond my understanding. Why Republicans are so very concerned about people's sexual behavior is perplexing, for they seem to have no qualms about illegal wire taps, torture, lying to Congress, lying to the American people, imprisoning people without trial or recourse, or wasting our national prestige and treasury. Then it occurs to me that while any Democrat shall face their full wrath, they have forgiven any number of tele-evangelists for their indiscretions, and even a drug addicted Rush Limbaugh who has said drug addicts should be shot. While Europe wonders what the big deal is, the right wing cares only about forcing their views on all of us. Democracy is not their ideal, nor are the teachings of Jesus. Just read the sermon on the mount. Who did Moses give the the Ten Commandments to?
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