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    A school district has condemned tiny toy knives as dangerous weapons, demonstrating their fearsome ability to cut an apple. (Hint: so can a credit card.) Nail clippers are being confiscated at airports (even when they can't cut a nail). Hazmat teams have responded to mysterious white powder from doughnuts. Teachers have been prosecuted for patting a student on the ass. Airports are shut down because someone ran.

    We need a bit more rational approach. An airport can be shut down now by crossing a freshly fertilized lawn on the way there, or dropping a nitro tablet, which by definition is a terrorist act, as it disrupts many lives with fear. Some people are afraid to hug for fear of loosing a job. I personally heard a person boasting that he drove to Las Vegas because he was afraid of flying, and a bottle of Jim Beam on the way. I have heard more than one martial artist say "there is nothing that can not be used as a weapon." Where is reason and the balance? And do we want someone that believes the human body is shameful determining that balance? And believes a Buddhist should be involved in a Christian prayer in a public school?

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