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Bush Wants War, We Need Peace

It is no longer a question whether George W. Bush wants peace or war. The reasons are not as claimed. He claimed intelligence found Saddam close to having nuclear weapons, but the claimed report did not exist. He claimed we caught Saddam importing aluminum tubes for a nuclear device, but that was false as well. He claims Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, but has not passed such information to the inspectors, and we know we gave Saddam such weapons when he used terror and waged war against Iran. He claims Saddam supports Bin Laden, when the world knows he believes Ossama is a threat, and Ossama names him as an heretic. Bush says Saddam lies and is trying to manipulate the world, when it is obvious that Bush is just as guilty.

Iraq's neighbors wanted to inspect first, and avoid war if possible. Europe wants to try the peaceful approach first. While Saddam may tried to defy the U.N., Bush abrogated an ABM treaty, opposes U.S. payment of it's U.N. dues, threatens preemptive attacks, and threatens unilateral use of nuclear arms against a country without such arms. George W. Bush may want to clean up after his father, avenge his father, and become a John Wayne war hero, but the course he is charting would leave the U.S. alone in the world. John Wayne approaches were for swaggering on stage, not the deadly real world where we depend on the world more than it depends on us. We will be told chmical weapons have been found, but that is more likly to be a truthful as the "Tonkin Bay Attack", the cold war "Missle Gap", and Nayirah's "ghastly atrocities".

A U.S. war on Iraq might make make money for oil, but will cost the world dearly, and convince the muslim world Americans are a just target.

For the peace of the world, the world must act together, and as such has at least a hope of avoiding war in the first place. Until Saddam's neighbors see war as necessary, the threat looks like a bully from the developed Christian "first world" going after the oil of a muslim third world.

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